Experiential marketing on a different level!

Experiential marketing on a different level! 

Venue Bee Hive Mill – Manchester Hosted in the loft of a 5 story beautiful Converted old Mill. The mission was to expose Manchester’s Digital great and good to the capabilities of Windows Mobile. Treating all guests to the movie ‘Carnage’ (currently starring Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster and recently nominated for 3 Golden Globes) and also a live performance of selected scenes from the film, in a live ‘home’ environment. Although the building and conversion was fantastic from an ascetic point of view, it was just a shell with no existing infrastructure, lacking Power or Cabling.

The Challenge was to install and manage two wireless networks. The downfall was that the broadband was limited, in available bandwidth and contention ratio.

The Solution involved running and securing over 100meters of cable down the lift shaft to two separate venue routers based on the third and ground floor, securing cable to the ceiling of the loft so it would not look like an ad-hoc network and not be seen by the guests.

The Result A complete success! The cabling went undetected by the guests who enjoyed the Movie and selected scenes seamlessly.
Alan Stephens                                                                                                           Senior Consultant


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