5 Top Tips for a slow computer….

We have all been there and understand just how frustrating it is when you are right in the middle of something (usually of high importance) and your computer slooooooows right down. But hold on just a minute, before you pick up your computer and head to the nearest window! We at F1 Consultancy have a few tips for you to keep at hand…

  • Check OS updates or service packs Go to –  Start button, click All Programmes, and click Windows Updates Mac Users Apple icon, select – software update – follow the steps
  • Close Windows that are open and not being used to free up space
  • Check available Memory / Hard disk space Ctrl + Alt + Delete, select – start task manager, hit Performance Tab to get your results. Dependant upon the results you may wish to upgrade your memory. Mac Users FinderSelect ApplicationsUtilitiesActivity monitorSystem Memory, At this point you will be able to view your usage through various charts.
  • Check your available Bandwidth. Run a speed test for your PC – www.speedtest.net Please note this is rough guide and not a 100% accurate but will give you a very good idea of your internet speed. It maybe useful to run this a few times and to take a note of your results – e.g if your results are showing an average of 5mb, you are paying for 50mb; you will need to contact your service provider.

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