Top 10 Favorite Apps

When you are on the move, be it for business or pleasure there are a few things which can ease the pain of waiting in a boring departure lounge, a hotel lobby or even a cold and windy station platform. We asked everyone here to send us their favourite apps, after many emails and deliberating we have managed to put together a list of our favorite 10. We hope you find something you like..

1) Pandora  – A free personalised radio that only plays the music that you like, after selecting your favourite artist, song, composer etc. Pandora automatically searches similar music and creates a custom station.

2) Penny Talk – a calling card which gives you a convenient way to save on all your long distance calls, available on any phone in the US or Canada for 1¢ per minute.

3) Espn – Score centre, gives you one-tap access to your personalized set of scores.  Never miss another goal, pitch, basket, try, touchdown or wicket.  ScoreCenter brings you the fastest and most reliable game details like plays, key stats, leaderboards, boxscores and scoring summaries.

4) Netflix – ability to enjoy unlimited movies and television episodes, on line. Perfect when you are travelling. Available on PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Mac, iPad, Apple TV.

5) Yelp – Fantastic app especially if you are travelling, with ease you can look up local shops, restaurants, bars, nightlife and more – all with a review from past users.

6) Flashlight – Flashlight uses the LED light on iPhone 4 and fills your screen with bright white light to illuminate your world when you find yourself in the dark.

7) Networktool kit – Network Toolkit LITE is a collection of tools for any network administrator. It provides the basic tools needed in a daily job: PING, TRACEROUTE, WHOIS and SUBNET CALCULATOR

8) Eventful – This app allows you to find local events wherever you are, listing: venues and tour dates for over 130,000 performers.

9) CNN – View the latest headlines, race results and major events live on the CNN App for iPad. Perfect for keeping up-to-date with everything happening back home when you are away.

10) Angry Birds Space – Super fun and does not take up a ton of time to play.