3D Printing at Drupa 2012

The Event: Drupa 2012, The largest print show in Europe.

The Venue: The Messe, Düsseldorf, encompassing 17 halls of Exhibition space!

The Client: WRG for Ricoh.

The Experience: 2000m² of floor space showcasing the latest Ricoh hardware and software technology. Interactive user experience zones that will tailor and create marketing collateral to the needs of the enquirer, dependant on which bar codes are scanned by the attendee. There is a Social Sports bar, Piazza and executive meeting space serving drinks and snacks.

The highlight:

A 3D resin printer that will print a solid object with you wait and a visit from the Japanese Ricoh President and CEO.

The Tech Spec:

  • 3000m of Cat5. Cable
  • Two servers running 3 networks.
  • Two Xirrus arrays running 3 wireless networks.
  • 50 desktop pc’s and monitors.
  • 40+ man days on site. 5 Live show days left, then we have 2 days to pack up the equipment and fly home.

This has been a long but fantastic event…

Alan Stephens

Senior Consultant


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