More Tea… this time in Liverpool


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Last week we were in Liverpool, England supporting the BBC Worldwide Showcase at the Arena and Convention Centre (ACC).  It is an annual sales festival where hundreds of hours of BBC Television programming are showcased to over 600 TV and … Continue reading

Tea bags, a kettle and over 3 miles of fibre

The End of January is here and that can only mean one thing for the team at F1 “Pre-Staging time” This event for our client requires a complete dress rehearsal before the Live show in 4 weeks time! It began on Monday with shipping kit, un-packing boxes, setting out cables and grabbing a coffee when we could!

Monday Arrived safe and sound (although a bit chilly) to find all tables and power waiting for us just as we requested….. good start!!

9:00 courier delivers Switches, 5000 metres of Fibre, 3000 metres CAT-5, 250 4-way’s, 650 mains leads, Kettle, Tea bags and Mugs (china kind).

9:01 Put the kettle on

9:30 Split into three teams, Power, CAT5 and Fibre and began laying cable.

13:00 Over to Subway for lunch, put the kettle on.

17:00 Headed for the hotel

With this amount of kit it takes us about two days to get all the CAT-5, Power and Fibre cabling in. We then need to test all cable runs, ensuring all desks have power before the PC’s arrive tomorrow. We have some photos from the very beginning and we will be up-dating these  all week. Any thoughts on what could be in my crate?

More Soon

Howard Beck

F1 Consultancy